Friday, January 10, 2014

Stair climbing wheel

This post is just a demonstration for the layout and basic dimensions of a stair climbing wheel. Stair climbing wheels are commonly used in market carts and appliance trucks. There are two types of them: manual drive and motor drive. The later is used mainly in robots, space landers, and some toy cars. 

Stair climbing wheels are (in most cases) only efficient in stair climbing because they are not supposed to turn right or left while climbing stairs. Using stair climbing wheels in carts or trucks (the truck will have two units of wheel cluster) that move on flat grounds is difficult when you try to turn right or left (specially when the spacing between wheel centers are large) because the system will have 4 fixed-direction parallel wheels (imagine a car with four wheels that all of them are aligned and parallel, it will never turn).

Stair climbers should be designed for a given stair step because they will not work properly for any height.

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