Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Google OCR test

Today, I was just wondering if I uploaded an image on my blog (via Picasa web albums), will Google make some image processing (for Optical Character Recognition OCR) on the uploaded image or not. I know that Google has an Android application that does the OCR but "on request". If this feature is really available in automatic way, it will make Google image search more powerful and may duplicate search results hundred times. I guess if this process is already applied in Google, each image uploaded will be processed for OCR, then the detected words will be filtered and saved as tags for the picture. It is a difficult process but it is not impossible. 

One of the main advantages of this method that it will help Google in image search by an image so it can find the images even if they are resized, flipped, or converted to gray scale.

For sure, this method may work also for videos knowing that videos are just successive picture frames.

I tried to make an image having a long word of random letters so it will never appear in search results in Google. I tried to search for the written word and no search results were obtained. May be it takes little time to apply the process or update the tags database. I am not going to write down the word because -for sure- Google will catch the image from it.