Friday, January 3, 2014

Smart method to make key panel (board) for offices

This method is a little bit smart to make backup keys for large scale buildings like companies, hospitals, hotels, ...etc. The method is visual and looks like tagging a place on Google maps, so you can easily find the key without following up the name written on the key label. The importance of this method arises in cases where a room has more than one door to access or when there are different rooms of the same functional name. All you have to do is to locate the place you want to find its key on the floor plan, then you will find the key. This method also helps you to recognize visually the missed key.

In this method you can include also keys of closets, drawer units, and electric cabinets, .. etc. As much details you will include, you will need larger panel to make sure that keys are not overlapping.

Also, you can make a fold-able or roll-able versions of this panel so you can save space and hide this backup keys in a hidden place.