Thursday, April 12, 2012

Complex geometries in mechanical engineering (updated)

When we say the word “complex” it doesn’t mean that the geometry is impossible to understand or to manufacture. Complex geometries are those hard to be understood from the first while (you can’t get the engineering reasons beyond this geometry immediately). In other words, drawings or schematics of complex geometries can’t express themselves, but you need someone to explain this geometry in few sentences.

The main complex designs comprise one the following layouts:
  •   Helical shape with/without taper
  •   2d or 3d spiral with/without taper
  •   Twisted profile with/without taper
All of the previous layouts have a common reason which is continuous and smooth operation

1.      Complex rotor designs:
  •   Progressive cavity pump
  •  Radial flow pump impeller
  •   Mixed flow centrifugal pump
  •   Twisted-blade axial flow pump
  •   Twisted-blade HAWT
  •   Helical Savonius VAWT
  •   Helical Darrieus VAWT
  •   Twisted-blade gas turbine compressor
  •   Twisted-blade gas/steam turbine (vortex blade)
  •   Screw pump
2.      Complex gear designs:
  •   Involute tooth shape
  •   Helical gear
  •   Worm gear
  •   Bevel spiral gear
3.      Complex bearing designs:
  •   Ball-screw bearing
4.      Complex power tools bits:
  •   Twisted drill bit

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