Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Copy equation from MS Word to Visio

Hello guys. I'm using Microsoft Office 2010 and Visio 2007. In fact when I copy an equation from Microsoft Word to Visio directly it gives me an error like this in the snapshot

Someone is going to whisper and say "Visio has its own equation editor", but I have to say that the equation editor in Visio is difficult to use and sometimes gives strange results.
So, I got a method to copy equation from MS Word to MS Visio without errors and preserve the scalable vector state of the equation. Just copy the equation from MS Word to MS Power point and then copy it from MS Power point to Visio and it's done.

I know this is not tricky, but it may helps for others having the same problem


  1. It is also possible to use option "Paste special" and choose "Microsoft Word Document". Text and equations are then editable in embedded Word window.

    1. Actually, Microsoft office visio 2007 does not have the "Paste special" feature.

  2. wow, I had to search for 15 minutes to find this solution...somehow it is so stupid that Microsoft does not fix that...thanks!