Friday, February 24, 2012

Tricky side view

I was interviewed yesterday in a certain company, let's say "x". The interviewer (engineer) gave me a technical exam to solve. In fact I solved the whole exam except the following question: "given the following elevation and plan views draw the side view". It was frustrating not to solve the question because the views were very simple. My friend eng. M. Sayyed (working in this company) told me what the answer is.The answer was that explained in the next figure which shows the solved problem with the isometric view.

So, did you see ?!!

lately, I thought about those views and I figured out that there are another two possible isometric geometries that can produce the same elevation and plan views (see the following figure).

So, this problem gave me the anwer of my question : "can we create a software that can produce a third view from two given views?", now the answer is absolutely no.

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  1. this question was asked to me in interview...i couldnot think of it at that time...but thanks to i know the solution..