Saturday, January 7, 2017

Top things to be done using access control units

In this post we introduce the  top things that can be done using access control units in work environment either they are used for check-in and check-out or for opening any door type for restricted area. These functions can be done only using access control units having the ability to identify or recognize the identity of the person through fingerprint, RFID tags or cards, or face detection and connected to a server that logs and takes actions.

[1] Top of the list, controlling the salary overtime and deductions. This is the traditional purpose for using check-in and check-out devices.

[2] Green spirit: Switch off lights, air conditioners, PCs, water heaters, water dispensers, and other devices when all employee in certain location had checked out. Also, it will turn on lights and devices once one employee had checked in.

[3] Project management: Update project schedules, Gantt charts, and projects critical paths in project management software based on the availability of human power.

[4] Extra security: Turn on door security alarm in restricted locations when all people had checked out

[5] Trace responsibility: For restricted access areas, and in the case of non-authorized person entering, if door is left opened, the responsible person is probably the last one opened the door.

[6] Meeting attendees management: Update MS Outlook or mail calendar for better management of meetings and conferences. If the person didn't check-in in the location, then it will be marked as not available in Outlook. 

[7] Meeting rooms management: Turn off the availability of meeting rooms if they have admins and all of the admins didn't check-in in the plant

[8] Reminders: Create on-arrival or on-departure reminder note for employee when he(she) checks in or out.

[9] Service management: In locations or plants preparing food for the employees, access control unit can be used for counting number of employees checked-in so a proper amount of food can be prepared so no food will be wasted.

[10] Emergency: Send automatic notification for emergency evacuation to mobile phones of all employee had checked-in in case of emergency (this can be a backup solution if emergency alarms didn't work).

[11] Data protection: Extra protection for PCs even if someone had entered the correct password of the PC. If this PC belongs to specific person, then it will not be unlocked until he(she) check-in.

[12] Safety check: Automatic safety check in case of bad weather conditions and explosions.

[13] Update mail address book: Alert IT to remove email of person who didn't check in for long time. This may be an indication that he/she left the company.


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