Monday, January 30, 2017

Daily demand of ice cubes calculator

Use the following calculator for calculation of daily demand of ice for Arabic Republic of Egypt "mass of water turned into ice per day in kg/day - this is a regional factor - " to be used in equation (46) in IEC 62552-3:2015 Annex F.

Ice is commonly used in summer season only

Family behavior is assumed to be constant

Each family owns only one refrigerating appliance

Ramadan month is a peak season for using ice

No. of summer days:

Ice cubes are used to cool drinks and juices brought from temperature [°C]

All thermal energy is dissipated from liquid drink to ice cubes

Drink to be cooled is thermally insulated (no heat gain)

Heat generated because of stirring is ignored

The average fizzy drink can size equals [mL]:

Average No. of persons of the Egyptian family is:

Each person drinks 1 fizzy drink can per day at home (so ice is needed from the domestic refrigerator)

The comfort drink temperature is [°C]:

Drinks specific heat equals that of water [J/kg.K]:

Specific heat of ice (frozen) [J/kg.K]:

Drinks density equals water density

Water density equals [kg/m3]:

Latent heat of fusion of ice equals [J/kg]:

Used ice temperature [°C]:

Total mass of drinks to be cooled equals [kg]:

Total energy to be removed from hot drinks [J]:

Daily demand of ice (Maximum required mass of ice) [Kg]:

Additional refrigerator energy in [W.h] assuming 100% efficiency (per summer day):

Additional refrigerator energy in [W.h] assuming 100% efficiency (per year):

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