Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hyundai Verna Egypt refrigerant charge


Hyundai Verna Egypt refrigerant charge

Hyundai Verna Egypt refrigerant mass

شحنة فريون هيونداي فيرنا

Hyundai Verna Egypt is the second generation LC (1999-2005) of Hyundai Accent sedan 4-door as I figured out from the following link in Wikipedia:

The refrigerant type and mass is not stated in the last updated owner's manual (2005) in the following link:
Hyundai Accent 2005 owner's manual

As I knew by asking people and by internet search the refrigerant used in the air conditioning system is R134a which is used in refrigerators and freezers, but I was not sure of the accurate (design) amount of refrigerant mass (charge) because of different values stated in different sources:

Reference 1:

R134a (600 ± 25 g)

Reference 2:

R134a. 20 ounce = ‪566.9905‬ g.    Oil PAG46. 6 ounce=‪170.0971‬ g

Reference 3:

R134a 0.600kg OIL ISO46 150g.

Reference 4:
R134a 550 gm. Oil: PAG FD46XG 180 mL

Then, from previous references, it seems that the maximum possible amount of refrigerant charge R134a is 625 gm and oil 180 gm. This means that a 1-kg refrigerant bottle is fare enough for the refrigerant charging operation.