Thursday, June 16, 2016

Air conditioner "I feel" mode


Air conditioner "I feel" mode does not work

Air conditioner "Follow me" mode does not work

Air conditioner "Remote sensing" mode does not work

Most of us have an air conditioner at home or at work with remote-control. Most (or may be all) new air conditioners have an option that has different commercial names: "I Feel", "Follow me", or "Remote sensing". Old split-unit air conditioners had only thermostat in the return grill of the indoor unit, but now with the remote sensing option it has an additional temperature sensor in the remote controller, so the AC operating rate will be based on the local temperature of the remote which is beside or near the user. In other words, the remote sensing feature conceptually aims to achieve set temperature in the local area of the user, not the entire room.

Unfortunately, most remote controllers connect with the indoor unit using Infra-Red IR. This is a huge problem for remote sensing. That means the remote controller should be close to the indoor unit and should also be pointing to the unit which is not practical at all. Most of us don't know this trick, so we always face the problem that the AC does not stop although the room is extremely cold. 

This because when the remote controller senses that the set temperature is achieved, it can't send this data to the indoor unit because of random placement of remote controller in any place. The following illustration show the cases where the "I Feel" mode does not work.