Saturday, April 26, 2014

Methods to detect magnet poles

The following are some methods to detect magnetic poles of a magnet:

- Hang a magnet with a string in area free of metals or magnetic fields. This method is not practical to implement.

- Using sizzling magnet on a flat horizontal glass surface as compass

- Using known magnet: this is the simplest way. If one magnet pole attract to the north pole of the known magnet, then it is the south pole and vise verse.

-  Using compass: the same as the previous method.

- Using electromagnet connected to DC power supply. When current passes through the coil, a magnetic field is generated and will have a magnetic field determined by right hand rule.

- Using clamp meter

- Using Cathode Ray Tube CRT screen (available in TV or oscilloscope): moving(1) electrons are deflected based on the direction of magnetic field(2) lines following Lorentz low (left hand rule). The direction of electrons movement is perpendicular to screen and pointing outward. Using MS Paint program, draw a horizontal line in the center of the canvas and display the image on full screen. Place the magnet parallel to the drawn line.  

- Using hall effect sensor.

- Using smart phone magnetic sensor: in my case, I am using Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. Just open the dial screen and write down the following secret code *#0*#, then press "Sensor" button. I claim that the location of the three-dimensional magnetic sensor is located at the center of the dial circle.