Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dual function Peltier water kettle (heating and cooling water on-request!!!)

I   It is a little bit imaginary, but it will be a dual function device. Save space of stand-alone water dispenser, get rid of water boiler, save energy, and save effort of changing water dispenser bottles.

Cooling: Give the right water temperature for the right person with this temperature adjustable water kettle. Get the water temperature you want on-request; just put the amount of water you want, adjust, and run. Don’t wait so long to get some cold water from a 1.5 L bottle just placed in the fridge, or from a 2 L water dispenser tank just filled from minutes.

Adjust water temperature for a person who is just coming from an extremely hot weather outside, for a person who have problems in his throat or teeth, for a child, … etc.

Heating: boil water or set water temperature accordingly if you prefer certain tea color and taste.

It may has two power options: AC power and DC power (in case of using it car). It can be made of glass with red and blue lights indicating mode (red: heating, blue: cooling). This idea is inspired somehow from the dry well temperature calibrators.