Saturday, December 21, 2013

Trick for downloading long videos from Youtube using IDMan

For those who are using Internet Download Manager IDMan for downloading videos from YouTube or other video streaming sites, this is a useful trick to consider when using IDMan.

By default, IDMan is using 8 connections for downloading any file (higher number of connections means higher download speed), so assuming we have a file of 80 Mbytes, IDMan will split the downloaded file into 8 equal-sized files of 10 Mbytes in its temporary directory (these files have no extension recognizable by the system). These temporary files are downloaded in parallel not in series. You can simply know the temporary directory from (IDMan menu bar - Downloads - Options - Save to - temporary directory).

After download completion IDMan will join these files to output a single file with its original extension in the location you specified. IDMan has a special file joiner that you can't join these files yourself.

Assuming you are downloading a video of 800 Mbytes from a site that does not support resuming download, and you reached a download percentage of 99% and then you lost the connection and hence you can't get the downloaded file, how will you feel about this?!!!

The trick now, is to set number of connections -before downloading- used by IDMan to 1 connection ( IDMan menu bar - Downloads - Options - Connection - Def. Max. No. connections - 1). Therefore, when you download a file it will be downloaded into a single file in the temporary directory (with no recognizable extension also), but you can copy this file to any other directory (say your desktop) during the download and set the extension to (for example .mp4). 

Now you can play the video during downloading.

This trick is also useful for those who have limit download quota and want to preview video during download. So they will not duplicate downloaded quota for a single file.