Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bank receipt trick

In this post I am going to talk about a very interesting thing I discovered myself. Supermarkets, shops, and ATM machines are using thermal paper rolls which are used with thermal printers, so they don't have to refill ink. They only need to refill paper roll which is equivalent to paper and ink. 

The receipt roll has 2 faces: the first face (front face) on which transaction is printed is a "heat sensitive face", and the back face is just a normal face. The heat sensitive face looks glossy a little bit and has a smooth touch, while the back face has a rough touch.

When a spot is heated  in the heat-sensitive paper; its color is changing from white to black (normally when temperature exceeds 70 degrees Celsius) . So.., this is the first way to check if a receipt is fake or not (for those who have companies and want to check receipts). 

The other trick that the banks implement is that when the receipt is heated, the transaction data will disappear and a water mark will appear. This is really so tricky that you can't cheat a bank or make a fake transaction receipt. 

The following picture is an ATM receipt before applying heat and after applying heat using an electric iron. Make sure that the electric iron is ironing the back face and try to make a gentle rotational movement to distribute heat.