Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scilab Graphic Editor Improvement

Hey guys, I've utilized my little TCL-TK programming experience and done many improvements to the graphic editor of Scilab. The major improvements are:

1. Converting most of the widgets (buttons, check buttons, radio buttons, scroll bars, combo boxes, labels, frames, entries, label frames, notebooks) to themed widgets, which means the graphic editor will obtain the same look and feel of your operating system (windows, linux) or you can apply the themes available by Ttk. I didn't change the scales used for setting colors and sizes, and the object browser tree.

2. The original code contained a lot of unnecessary frames and paned windows which made the heirarchy of the GUI difficult to understand and resource-consuming

3. Removed some code lines that were unimportant

4. Add some features for colormap selection, plot rotation angles, arc entities

5. A lot of useful comments added to the original files to help in future improvement and development

6. Changing the annoying icon of Tk with a Scilab-representive icon

7. Adding all supported fonts in the operating system in GED which makes graph labels and text easily-customizable. These fonts are listed in a combo box with auto complete feature to pick up quickly your favorite font.

8. Interacitve entries, most of the entries can be scrolled by mouse wheel to decrease or increase values inside with the proper increment.

9. Scrollable scales. By just hovering over the scale and scrolling up or down the scale is scrolled.

11. Axis label position was represented by one entry in which you should write a row vector inside. Now, the position of axis lable is represented by two scrollable entries for interactive horizontal and vertical movement.

12. It was not possible to set negative rotation angle for axis label. Now, you can set the rotation angle with negative values.

13. Setting colormap of the figure is made easy buy replacing the old entry used as a command line by a combo box containing list of colormaps and an entry to set number of colors in the colormap.

The following capture shows how the graphic editor looks like after the modifications. I hope that Scilab developers will embed my modifications to Scilab in the next version. If you need the modified files and the installation method, just contact with me via comments.

And the following capture is taken when I tested the new graphic editor after modifications in windows xp (as you can see, the GUI is xp looking).


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