Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scilab console keyboard shorcuts

The following table shows some keyboard shortcuts used in Scilab as mentioned in Scilab help:

UP or Ctrl+P
Recall previous line in command history list
DOWN or Ctrl+N
Recall next line in command history list
Call Scilab help.
Clear console.
Open console box only on Windows.
Ctrl+Space or TAB
Completion: Scilab displays a list of all names that start with some characters.
Ctrl + A or HOME
Move to beginning of current line. This is useful for long code lines.
Ctrl + B or LEFT
Moves the cursor one character to the left.
Ctrl + C
Interrupts Scilab if nothing selected in the console, else text selected is sent to clipboard.
Ctrl + D or DELETE
Deletes the current character.
Ctrl + E or END
Moves the cursor to the end of command line.
Ctrl + F or RIGHT
Moves the cursor one character to the right.
Deletes the previous character.
Ctrl + K
Kills command line from cursor to the end.
Ctrl + S
Select all.
Ctrl + U
Delete the whole command line.
Ctrl + V
Do a paste from clipboard.
Ctrl + W
Delete the last word of the command line.
Ctrl + X
Interrupt Scilab
Ctrl + LEFT
Move left one word.
Ctrl + RIGHT
Move right one word.
Shift + HOME
Select from cursor to beginning of statement.
Shift + END
Select from cursor to end of statement.
Select current word.

In fact, most of these shortcuts is rarely used, but there is a great shortcut that a lot of Scilabers don't know about Scilab, this shourtcut is "TAB" or "Ctrl+Space" which is used for auto-completion of Scilab Syntax. The list of auto-completion displays all the functions, variables, macros, files, and graphic properties that start with the written characters. When there is no suggestions for the written characters then the shortcut will return nothing, and when there is only one suggestion then Scilab will auto-complete using this suggestion. This shortcut also works in the Scipad. The following caption shows how the auto-completion popup list looks like.

I don't know what was the first version of Scilab introducing this auto-completion popup list, but I tried it in Scilab 5.3.3 (0).