Saturday, July 28, 2012

Where to find magnets in our daily life

In fact this post should not be a post since it is not that important, but it will. In some developing countries like my lovely country (Egypt) there are no sellers or manufacturer for magnets or there are some but difficult to find or reach. Many times I needed magnets to do some experiments or models, but I didn't find someone who sells magnets. Therefore, I decided to use magnets found in some available products around us. The following list is some of the products that you may extract magnets from them if they are scrapped:

§  Speakers of computer, telephone, cell phone, TV boxex, and headphones

§  Fridge door seal

§  Cabinet magnetic catch (bathroom cabinet, kitchen cabinet, closet, ...)

§  Magnetic door catch (wall-mounted)

§  Magnetic door catch (ceil-mounted)

§  Door magnetic switch/sensor (used to switch on bells or lights when door is opened)

§  Small toys' DC motors (flexible/rubber magnet)

§  DC motors

§  Hard disk (Neodymium magnet)

§  Laptop standby locking switch (not all laptops)

§  Fridge magnets used to stick papers of "notes" or "to do list" on fridges

§  Soap magnetic holder

§  Magnetic-base antenna mounted on cars

§  Small chess with magnetic base

§  Magnetic singing eggs: are one of the most popular toys in the world. Made from highly polished hematite magnet material, they have a deep black color and ultra smooth finish. Normally they are elliptical and sphere shape.
These eggs are incredibly fascinating. Whenever they are separated, they will try to find each other. When they do, amazing thing happen. If you throw them to the sky, they will give out nice snake sound caused by strong magnetic attraction. So "snake eggs" is another cute nickname. It is also a healthy massage. When you feel tied, their magnetism will do good to your body.
§ Desk magnets used for collecting paper clips

§ Fishing toy

§ Magnetic white board eraser, and white board magnets

§ Magnetic pin holder used by tailors

§ Magnetic picture frames

If you have some suggestions on where to find magnets in products all around us, leave a comment.