Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Electric water heater dimensions

Electric heater dimensions constraints for a given storage volume

Almost all electric water heaters used nowadays in our houses are of cylinderical shape.
May be this cylinderical shape has little artworks on it or some extra features on its surface, but it is still a cylinder. So how to estimate the dimensions of an electric water heater in a new design. The dimensions are simply radius and height of the cylinder. The following constraints may affect the dimensions of an electric heater with a given storage volume:

1. Minimal sheet metal surface area for a given sheet metal thickness... Cost criteria

2. Accessibility criteria.

3. Minimal insulation material criteria...cost criteria

4. Water head required criteria to provide satisfactory flow rate for washing or showering.

5. complete water consumption criteria. The heater tank should be placed in a position that when a faucet is opened the whole water inside the tank may be used, knowing that the height of a typical floor 2.9 meters.

6. Minimum area of the place where the heater will be placed