Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Copy table from MS word to blogger post

Days ago, I was trying to copy a comparison table from MS Word document to a blogger post and I found that it loses format when pasted especially the widths of columns. After some investigation and trials I found the tricks to save the format and all of them are done with the table properties user form. Here you are the tips:

[1] From table properties, "Table" tab, set the preferred width of the table by checking the preferred width checkbox and writing your value in the adjacent textbox

[2] Select "Column" tab, set the preferred width of each column by checking the preferred width checkbox and set the preferred width. Make sure that the summation of column widths equals the total table width set in step [1] . The following captions show the column width for each column in my table.

[3] Finally, the most important trick: don't use a long continuous text that has length more than cell width in characters (like long web address). You can insert a hyperlink for short text instead of writing the full URL. The following will show what I mean in two possible cases:

Case 1: Writing long normal text in cell

Column 1
This is a normal text paragraph with spaces, it is not continuous so it does not cause any problems and Excel can still keep the same column width of 3 inches.
Copied from MS Word 2013

Case 2: Writing long continuous text in cell (see the effect on column 2 width)

Column 1
Copied from MS Word 2013

Another example below on Case 2 (see the effect on table width and column 2 width)

Column 1
Copied from MS Word 2013


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