Friday, May 27, 2016

Cool Effect: How to convert picture to monocolor in Powerpoint

A quick tutorial in PowerPoint to make a cool effect for pictures.

(1) Insert a a transparent background .png image in PowerPoint. In my example I use the following image. Alternatively, you can insert a picture and remove its background.

(2) Select the picture then go to Format - Adjust - Color - Picture color options

(3) Set the brightness of the image to 100%

(4) Now, all colors are converted to white

(5) Again go to Format - Adjust - Color and select one of the "Recolor" options.

(6) Here you are the result as you can see in the picture below:

(7) Enjoy...

This effect may be used to create shadow boards for hand tools for 5S. So you can arrange your tools and create and preview your custom shadow boards on PC, then print it on paper with the proper size (A4 to A0). Additionally, you can export the shadow picture (after re-scaling it) to any CNC cutting software to cut your shapes precisely on foam piece to make foam insert. Also, you can convert the monochrome picture to scalable format using any software or online service. For me, I use which gives good results and details.


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