Thursday, February 25, 2016

Excel nested If trick

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Assume the following simplified case: we want cell B1 to have certain value based of the value of cell A1.

The psuedo code is:

If A1=10 then 


Elseif A1=20 then


Elseif A1=30 then





Excel formula code placed in cell B1:


The previous formula called "Nested If" which means If statement inside another If statement.

For sure this Excel formula seems to be complex and it will get complicated by increasing the number of cases. In addition, Excel can't accept more than 7 nested If statments.

The tricky solution (without using VBA) is to use separate If statements summed together instead of nested If.  See the formula below


The above solution is easy to read, revise, and edit later.

Try this solution and you will get the same result.