Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Excel VBA: creating custom dialog (user form)

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I am working with VBA user-forms for long long time and they unfortunately have ugly classic interface as you can see the user-form below). I also tried to solve this problem using Visual Studio, but I couldn't achieve that as I am not a professional programmer :)

I was always wondering how to create user-forms in MS Excel with nice looking controls till I discovered by accident what is called "Dialog sheets". In dialog sheet you can create a user-form assigned to workbook and add your own controls and assign macros to them. Here under, few quick steps to get it done in few minutes:

Step 1: Creation

1. Create an new workbook (or open an existing one). Right-click on any sheet tab to get a menu like in the image below

2. Click "Insert..." button, then you will get a dialog like the the one shown below

3. Select "MS Excel 5.0 Dialog" and press "OK" button. Then you will get a new sheet as shown below which has default name "Dialog1"

Step 2: Modification

1. Open the "Developer" tab, then press "Insert" button to be able to add "Form controls"

2. You can add and resize controls to get user-form like the one shown below

Step 3: Assign macros to controls

You can right-click on any control and select "Assign macro..." from the popup list.

Step 4: Calling (displaying) dialog

As an example, you can insert a "Command button" in :"Sheet1" and assign the following single-line macro to it which will display your dialog

Now you can click on the button "Display my dialog" and display the custom dialog (user-from) like magic!!!


For me, dialog sheet form is very pretty, nice look, and visually-pleasant because its controls have the native theme of the operating system (Windows 7 in my case) Windows Vista or Windows XP, but it does not support the following controls which already available in VBA user-forms:

- Tab/notebook/multi-page control to display multiple pages
- Slider control
- Frame (with sibling controls)

One of the great advantages of dialog sheets that you can insert "Objects" in them like:

- ٍShapes!!! - Image

- Visio object (drawing)
- Microsoft equation 
- Word file
- etc

The following user form created by dialog sheet contains some interesting features (guess them out)...

The following is a trick, but it is a little bit useless. You can add a dialog inside another dialog by drag copying (not by copying and pasting) the dialog sheet.