Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Desktop blocks concept

Microsoft Windows desktop full of icons usually means that you have some suspended tasks related to these files on desktop that you want to keep them in front of you to remember them or you didn't decide in which folder will you place these files.

Personally, I always have tens of files and shortcut icons on my desktop. I usually want to group them and put them in blocks so I can reach them easily and quickly. For sure, I don't want to group them by type, size, date modified, or name. I was inspired by a desktop that is divided into cells like MS Excel in a way you can merge these cells to create your blocks. 

You can create your own blocks and put a group of files in certain block. You can re-size blocks, switch files between blocks, move file from block to another, and re-size icons in each block. You can apply the desktop commands for each block individually like "Refresh", "Show", "View", ... etc.

Each block may be scroll-able by mouse, has its own wallpaper, or have a title. The concept looks like a set of folders opened in cascaded view.

Here is an impression for the concept that I hope that one day Microsoft will apply