Saturday, March 1, 2014

Some funny facts about refrigerators

Nowadays, each house has one or more of these appliances:

- Food preservation appliances: refrigerators, refrigerator-freezers, chest freezers, and upright freezers
- Food preparation appliances: gas cookers, electric cookers, induction cook-tops, microwaves, and friers 
- Fabric care appliances: automatic washing machines, half-automatic washing machines, manual washing machines, driers, and electric iron
- Water care appliances: electric water heaters, gas water heaters, solar water heaters, water dispensers, water boilers
- Air care: air-conditioners, fans, and heaters
- Other

The following funny facts apply on refrigerators:

- Refrigerators are the most basic and high-priority appliances in each home
- Refrigerator is the only appliance that is connected to power source during the whole year
- The only appliance that is running for the whole year
- Refrigerators have wide variety of structures and layouts
- The most difficult appliance to dispose
- Normally, the longest appliance in home
- Also, the heaviest appliance in home
- The most difficult appliance to transfer.
- The most difficult appliance to repair with the available hand tools at home
- The most user-interacting appliance at home, this is why memos are stick to refrigerator doors!!!
- The only appliance you must run even if it is empty
- Refrigerator doors are the most mechanically-reliable doors in all appliances
- The only appliance you care about when electricity is cut off
- Number one appliance that can be used for built-in layout with door-on-door layout.
- Number one appliance that needs no utilities except for electricity.
- The most appliance that has been integrated with touch screens, and remote-control
- The only appliance that you can place large amount of staff on top of it!!!
- The first appliance to have lights inside it
- One of the most needed appliances for singles!!!