Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cold appliances/Refrigerators/Freezer test analysis Excel add-in

For domestic (house-hold) refrigerators, refrigerators-freezers, and freezers being tested according to the standards IEC 62552, ISO 15502, or ANSI/AHAM HRF-1-2004; I have developed an Excel add-in that help in analyzing test data recorded by data acquisition system (temperatures, pressures, electric current, voltage, power, power factor, energy consumption).

What is really good in this add-in that it can be helpful for any laboratory/test engineer regardless the software used in acquisition. The add-in is programmed based on the field experience. It also can work with any number of temperature or pressure measurements. No matter how large the measurements record is large.

The add-in has two versions: one for Microsoft Excel 2007 and the other for Microsoft Excel 2010 as it is has the standard office ribbon control. It is programmed in native VBA code and user forms. It is interactive and may be used with any number of files opened in Excel. The add-in is still under development (error-proofing, error messages, and documentation), but here you are some snapshots of the basic general tool-boxes in it.

The standard ribbon interface:

Sensor compliance check:

Gap/overlap analysis:

Virtual channel analysis:

Compressor cycle analyzer:

Defrosting thermostat analysis:

Defrosting heating system analysis:

Pull-down times:

Pull-down steady state detection:

Compressor startability test analysis:

Test summary: